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Facebook f8

by Maria De Conno
Maria De Conno
Maria De Conno is a Marketing Specialist and Director at Fig Tree Marketing
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on Friday, 30 September 2011 0 Comments

The f8 convergence brought to light the inside thinking of the facebook leaders.

Social Media’s core functionality across all social media tools is to share within personal and business networks. The openness and transparency of people and content is a reason for the exponential rate of growth with social media.

Facebook the no 1 global social media site in 2011 release of new facebook updates affects an enormous global community, all sharing via this online network.

Social Sharing is part and parcel of the social platform and central to the activities, success and outcomes for personal and business use.

With facebook’s announcement at f8 in September, the sharing capability is set to explode. Or at a minimum grow in terms of the type and options to share content, images, music, apps, games, thoughts, ideas, information and more.

While there has been some backlash from consumers with the updated newsfeed and issue around privacy, there are some golden nuggets within the facebook updates.

Timeline is the newly designed and improved personal profile page with the capacity to capture your living moments through images, posts, preferences, and apps. Here is one space to capture your ‘autobiography’ on a single timeline.

While Timeline hasn’t been released to the public, here is a snippet of my profile in Timeline to view.

Facebook F8

Ticker is a new lightweight information toolbar, located on right hand side of the screen with ‘snippets’ of updates from your friends. While that may appear to add more words to your news feeds, the concept is to separate regular content with lightweight information and therefore not clog up the newsfeed with irrelevant posts.

It appears the algorithms to decipher what is relevant to us has been enhanced, it will be interesting to see if facebook gets this right. Are their assumptions as to what we want to read correct? There is a new drop down arrow on each post allowing viewers to correct their settings, which puts the power of what we read into our hands.

A major change for facebook developers is the enhancement of apps. Facebook call this Open Graph and all apps developed for facebook will need to update and alter their permission functionality to move forward.

The facebook upgrades will be implemented over the next two months and whilst some apps such as Spodify (music sharing) aren’t currently available in Australia, the upgrades gives Australian facebook business pages opportunities to grow and engage followers.

And we’re back to the core component of social media – social sharing. While business has aimed to grow followers plus capture likes and comments, it’s time to expand to the art and science of social sharing.

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